About Us

Go Local St. Louis is an alliance of independently owned businesses and their supporters, and is affiliated with the American Independent Business Alliance.

Localism isn’t a new movement, but it’s one that’s here to stay. Whether you call it Stay Local, Go Local, Buy Local, Eat, Drink, Shop, or Invest Local, we believe supporting the people in your community first is the most important step in creating strong, resilient, livable communities. Support local business, not necessarily exclusively, but whenever possible, and ask the question “Who in my neighborhood or town has what I need?” before going onto the Internet to find a faceless merchant in an unknown part of the world.

This is key to making St. Louis strong.

Buying local generates two to three times more economic activity for St. Louis than buying from a chain store or franchise. Every dollar spent with a local business cycles back through our St. Louis economy instead of gushing out to some bank in another state.

Unlike national chain businesses and franchises, our locally owned businesses return almost all of every dollar back into the St. Louis metro area. These dollars you spend at locally owned shops have a multiplier effect